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Choose shore excursions with Real St Lucia Tours – the best way to see the island

Real St Lucia Tours is the fast-growing, island-based travel company that uses real St Lucians to show visitors the delights and attractions of this most wonderful Caribbean destination and is the perfect choice for St Lucia cruise tours.For St Lucia sightseeing tours and things to do, you can’t beat Real St Lucia Tours because we know St Lucia tourism inside out, and are the expert guides on our island.

Your time on St Lucia will be limited when you’re on a cruise so you want to make the most every moment on land (and sea, too), and Real St Lucia Tours can whisk you to the attractions you want to see – tailoring your tour and itinerary around you exactly, so you have the most memorable of visits.

Land ahoy

Shore excursions are a major part of any cruise, with your ship usually docking at several different ports during the course of the journey. Passengers will be offered a range of sightseeing trips and things to do on tours organized by their cruise operator and while passengers are always free to make their own arrangements, most will stick to the tours offered on board. However, there are several good reasons to be more independently minded and do your own thing on a shore excursion.

The most popular ports used by cruise operators are generally close to major towns and attractions, so hiring a taxi or walking to towns is an option, but the best of all is opting for an independent tour offered by Real St. Lucia

If you’re looking for things to do in St Lucia, Real St Lucia Tours offers trips that will generally be cheaper than the organized ones available on board, and will be arranged to suit exactly the time you have available in port.
The perfect day out

Spending time at sea on your cruise, you’ll have time to plan ahead and read up on exactly what kind of St Lucia attractions you simply must see. You might even have made friends on board that you want tour St Lucia with and that makes arranging an outing with Real St Lucia Tours even more practical and affordable.

At Real St Lucia we use only native St Lucians to guide you around our beautiful island on our St Lucia sightseeing tours. Their passion and love for their homeland, their friendly manner, and their enthusiasm and knowledge will make every guest feel so welcome they won’t want to leave.

You’ll be travelling in comfort, too, on new air-conditioned buses. But, not for us big impersonal coaches where travelers are simply jammed in and shunted from stop to stop – instead you’ll be one of only 14 travelers given the most personal of welcomes and individual of St Lucia tours.
Create your own private itinerary

St Lucia sightseeing tours with Real St Lucia Tours will reveal this most beautiful of island paradises in all its glory – and you can decide exactly when and where you want to stop. A cruise can often be overwhelming simply because of the large number of passengers you see on a daily basis so escaping from the crowds and doing your own thing is a very tempting proposition.

Among the most stunning of St. Lucia Attractinons are the Pitons, the twin mighty volcanic plugs that tower over the island’s south western landscape, and are superb for hiking or simply for gazing upon in awe. The world’s only drive-in volcano at Soufriere has to be seen to be believed, the sulfur bubbling away furiously from the hot springs.

Other essential St Lucia activities are spending time on the beach and in the water – snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Anse Chastenet beach is unmissable.

And if your ideal St Lucia tour doesn’t extend beyond going for some retail therapy in the capital of Castries, let our tour guide show off essential local knowledge to show you the best stores and get you the best prices. If you want to immerse yourself in the colorful culture of the city, our guide will happily point you to Derek Walcott Square and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, or to cafes, bars and restaurants.

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