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St Lucia Vacation Rentals - Renting a Luxury Villa Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

For anyone looking to have the ultimate dream vacation, St. Lucia is a top destination.  With numerous attractions and great lodging options in Caribbean villas, there are few places that compare.  The history of St. Lucia is rich with a variety of people and cultures, beginning from the time of the first inhabitants, the Arawaks.  Throughout the history of this beautiful volcanic island, it has been inhabited by French, English, and Creole.  It’s natural beauty and lush tropical flora beckon visitors from around the world, to a destination few compare to.

Exploring A Whole New Vacation Style

St. Lucia boasts gorgeous beaches, sub-tropical rainforest, and everything in between.  With the incredible St. Lucia weather in this array of climates, there is something for everyone to do.  For those with a sense of adventure, there are numerous ziplines that are designed for seeing Saint Lucia from a whole new perspective.  There’s horseback riding on the beach, leisurely biking around the island, and numerous pristine spots for snorkeling and scuba diving.  For those looking for a physical challenge, the Pitons can be hiked or climbed for breathtaking views.  After all that hard work, you can reward yourself with dinner in one of the many delicious restaurants offering atmospheres from elegant dining to laid back and casual. 

The foods you will experience during your St Lucia Caribbean Vacations will tantalize your taste buds, from those creatively prepared to the abundantly grown fruits here.  There are restaurants for every taste bud and since the island has a bounty of fertile soil it grows some amazingly delicious produce.  In addition to bananas, the largest export of St. Lucia, there are juicy mangoes, colorful papayas, tasty pineapples, delicious guavas, and even passionfruit and coconuts.  The freshness of the fruit is beyond compare.

In addition to the wonderful attractions and world class food, there are numerous places to stay.  If you’re looking for a St. Lucia vacation rental, you can choose between houses right on the beach, condos, and villas.  While there are St. Lucia hotels, staying in your own place can add to the rich experience of St. Lucia.  You can come and go as you please, not having to worry about anything other than having the time of your life.  You can mingle with the locals and get a true feeling of the culture and what it means to be a resident of one of the prettiest places on Earth. 

Why stay in hotels. Find your perfect St. Lucia vacation rental at Islander Villa Escapes.

Along with the fun of Caribbean vacations comes the ultimate in rest and rejuvenation.  A quiet day on the beach, a slow stroll discovering the local shops, or exploring a daily market can help you to relax and leave the worry and stress behind.   Only in Saint Lucia can you find exiting adventure, relaxing world class beaches, incredible cuisine, and St. Lucia villa rentals to have memories to cherish for a lifetime.  Once you’ve visited St. Lucia, you’ll never forget it.

When planning your ultimate vacation, we suggest you consider Islander Villa Escapes.  In addition to a relaxing, fun filled vacation, you can expect to experience luxury in your own private accommodations.  All of our villas in St. Lucia have been hand picked for both their location and privacy.  With our caring staff, you will find our St. Lucia Vacation Rental homes to be in top condition to make you feel right at home.  Unlike many other rental companies or hotels, we own our properties and care very much about how we take care of them, and that care shows in every one of our rentals.  Our staff is experienced in all things St. Lucia, and we are here to make sure you have the vacation of a lifetime.  

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