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When deciding on St Lucia car hire, you want an established company that offers top quality customer service. The best firms for car rentals St. Lucia has will offer a personal service that’s tailored to your needs with attentive staff happy to go the extra mile to secure your business by offering the best car at the best price.

You also need to know that the vehicle you have hired is reliable – the last thing you need is for the car to break down or suffer some kind of fault while you’re out on the road. So pick a car rentals firm that has new or relatively new cars, jeeps and SUVs to rent. Don’t be afraid to ask when the car was last serviced or if the car has ever suffered any problems in the past.

Any car rental firm looking for your business should also be upfront about its fees and charges. Arm yourself with information on potential fees beforehand and demand that all costs are revealed before you sign up. Whether you are going for jeep hire in St Lucia, luxury rental or an economy hire in St Lucia, you don’t want to be hit with any unexpected costs at the end of the rental period. Do ask about any extra services that are available and the price if you’re keen to upgrade or add to your rental experience.

St Lucia has a good network of roads but there are some challenging tracks away from the main routes so you will want to have the added reassurance of roadside assistance if you do have a mishap. The most reputable firms supplying St Lucia hired cars should provide 24hour assistance, 7 days a week that will allow you and your traveling party peace of mind motoring.


Choose the vehicle that suits you

Your budget and the type of vehicle you want to rent are inextricably linked.
Depending on the size of your traveling party, you may need an SUV but your budget might be more suited to an economy car. This is where you need to shop around and look for any offers. You may, of course, be lucky enough to have a limitless budget and then the world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing the car that’s right for you.

Having established that you’re old enough to hire a car and that you can afford the one you want, the next step is to find the right rental car St lucia offers.

You need to know that the firm you choose is reliable and professional. Check out their website to read in full the policies they have in place if, for example, you have an accident or a breakdown – you need to have peace of mind that, no matter where you are or what has happened, you’ll be taken care of quickly and efficiently and you won’t be left out of pocket.

The transport St. Lucia car hire agencies has isn’t restricted to cars. After all, it isn’t just tourists who have needs for a hired vehicle. For people looking for van hire St. Lucia has plenty of options.


Ensure the price is right

Look at the fees involved in carrentals – the costs will increase depending on what kind of vehicle you want; for instance, luxury rental in St. Lucia or a 4WD will be more expensive than an economy car, and you may want to increase the insurance in place to give you the best cover possible.

Of course, there are often hidden or unexpected fees in car rental so take the time to find out exactly what your rental will cost you. For example, some firms impose a mileage allowance and will charge you extra for every mile you exceed their limit. Is there a fee if you have to cancel your booking or will you receive a full refund? What penalty is imposed if you fail to return the vehicle on time? Consider every possible scenario or eventuality around your vehicle and find out the policy on these from the St. Lucia rental companies you’ve narrowed your choice to.

Price comparison websites can offer you an instant quote from companies offering economy rental in St. Lucia but be aware that the prices quoted may not be the price you pay. Go direct to the company, starting with its website – compare its prices with others you’ve sourced and also compare those fees and policies. The lowest rental price may not actually be the best deal at the end of the day.

And while websites do allow for instant quotes, sometimes the best deals can be found by calling the company direct – last-minute cancellations, for example, often open up the opportunity for you to pick up a bargain, so get dialing.

The price is right

Shopping around for the best deal possible has never been easier, thanks to the instant access available via the Internet. Leasing agencies no longer exercise the hold they once did on access to car rental firms. Today travelers and holidaymakers can do their own deals by heading direct to websites just by searching on rental cars St. Lucia. There are also specialist websites that list coupons and voucher codes offering money off or other deals. Holidaymakers are also often offered discounted deals for car rental once they have booked a flight or hotel.

Therefore, it would seem it’s relatively simple to find a cheap car rental deal or to find a way of getting money off. What you will need is time – time to spend browsing or searching online - and once you’ve sourced the deal you think is best for you, you need some more time to consider what else you can do to save money on your car hire.

If you’re looking to avail yourself of the plentiful luxury hire St. Lucia firms proudly advertise, be sure to check the deal carefully against the top end rentals of regular agencies. You may find comparable cars at the regular dealer and get a luxury hire at a palatable price.

Unlimited mileage is one particular condition you can demand is included in your leasing deal. This allows you to motor without worrying that you will be exceeding the mileage limit with the attendant extra cost at the end of the rental period.

It will also cost more if you want to return your vehicle to a different location. Car rental firms everywhere, not just St. Lucia, place a premium on this kind of deal as it generally costs them more to transport the car back to its original starting point. If it’s impossible for you to take the car back to the location you collected it from, it’s worth trying to negotiate for a better deal – it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Think of other ways to save some cash on the car rental experience. When making your initial reservation, for example, book the smallest or cheapest car possible – asking for an upgrade on arrival might get you a bigger, better car for the same price. Check if there’s a fuel surcharge. It can often be cheaper to ask for the car to have an empty gas tank when you collect it, so you also return it empty.

Other money-saving ideas include arranging car rental away from the airports where prices can often be higher. Take a taxi or public transport to and from your accommodation, saving yourself an extra two days’ car rental.

Also check with your own car insurance provider before leaving home to check if your policy covers you driving rental vehicles – if so, you won’t have to fork out on expensive insurance cover that’s not actually necessary.

Put yourself in the driving seat to get the best deal possible for your car rental on St Lucia.

Tips on finding the best deals for car rental in St Lucia

Every year millions of cars are rented worldwide – car rental is generally an affordable, convenient option for travelers and holidaymakers who want flexibility and independence on their trips. However, it’s a fact that more than half of those who hire a car will end up spending almost twice the cost originally quoted by the car rental firm.

Unscrupulous companies can be often take advantage of customers who don’t take the time to check the small print while travelers are too quick to sign up without having the rental policies outlined in detail.

But you can ensure you get the best deal for your  St Lucia Car Rental by keeping the price low and the quality high.

Don’t assume that the rates advertised are the actual price you will pay. The headline costs you see online, for example, are not likely to include additional but essential fees. Expect to pay surcharges for airport pick-ups, plus fees for insurance and local taxes. Call the St. Lucia car hire firm direct to ask for a detailed breakdown of their rates. Ask for their best available deal. There’s no way of doing this online so having made the telephone contact for details of fees and policies, take the opportunity to try and drive down the price.

Book in advance where possible. Peak season means peak prices so expect to pay more at the busiest times of the year. Weekday rental st lucia deals can sometimes be a slightly cheaper option than collecting a vehicle at the weekend, so where possible, organize the date of your trip or holiday to take advantage of this.

With a little bit of planning and some online research, you can soon pick up the ideal car deal for your trip

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