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Real St. Lucia Tours Island Expo is the top choice for cruisers, couples, singles,  hotel guests, backpackers, and travel groups inside big organizations.

Tour Duration  - 4 to 5 Hours

  • St Lucia is endowed with a terrain and ecology of stunning beauty, comparable to no other location in the Caribbean. Real St. Lucia Tours takes pride in the fact that we offer one of the best TOURS IN ST Lucia, providing the SIGHTSEEING TRIP of a lifetime. Here is an informative guide on one of the most magnificent TOURS IN ST Lucia. With our warm climate, you are going to get thirsty on your journey. That is why the Real St. Lucia Tours Island Expo comes equipped with a fully stocked cooler for your requirements. We have a number of beverages for you to choose from, including regular and diet coke, bottled water, our refreshing mountain brew Piton beer, or Elma’s famous rum punch.
Tour Description & Attractions along the way

  1. We will begin by chaperoning you from your location through the Capital of St Lucia, our first stop will be to the Derek Walcott Square,Named after a St. Lucian Poet whom received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature. There is also a monument dedicated to St Lucian soldiers who died in the war, and a large Samaan tree, regionally referred to as the “Massav tree.” It is more than 400 years old. Derek Walcott Square is also home to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, an elegant building erected in 1897.

  • As we journey along mainland, you are able to capture the authentic paradise and artistic vision of the Caribbean Sea side. St Lucia’s west cost is considered one of the most exquisite parts of the island, with its luxuriant tropical allure and dazzling unrefined charm.
  • The following element of your SIGHTSEEING TRIP will take you to Roseau Valley. It is famous for housing the most comprehensive banana plantation in St. Lucia. Bananas are the islands lifeblood, during the tour you will learn all about the way we grow and harvest our bananas. You will even get the opportunity to titillate your palette and taste them fresh from the tree in their ripest and sweetest form.

  • The next course of action will take place along our journey towards the exceedingly resplendent and breathtaking hills, where you will be exposed to the spectacular landscape along the West Coast.We will introduce you to the extraordinary fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries as we journey along the coast. These oceanic neighborhoods are positioned in inlets at the hoof of steep hills with intensely hued fishing boats aligning their shores.You can converse with the locals and get to experience their lifestyle, watching fishermen prepare fish and listen to them blow their conch shells.
  • The awesome Piton Mountains is one of the most spectacular sites on the island, and visiting it is something we have made compulsory during our SIGHTSEEING TRIP. You will be blown away by the sheer magnificence of these two volcanic plugs. When you get to the peak there is a spectacular view of Saint Lucia in its entirety, as well as other islands in the Caribbean. This is what makes our TOURS IN ST Lucia so miraculous, being taken to the pinnacle of the island and viewing it in its most natural form.After viewing the Pitons you can cool down at the Piton Waterfall, located right beneath the Piton Mountains. The waterfall is stunning, heralded as one of St Lucia’s nature ancestry sites.

  • We will then make our way to Sulphur Springs located in Soufriere. The inhabitants of Soufriere pride themselves on the fact that their home is the location of the only drive through dormant volcano in the world. It is a powerful and amazing sight as the crater emits sulphur, steam and water bubbling away just a few meters out of sight.If we have enough time you will get to relax on our version of paradise, and spend some time snorkeling or swimming on the quaint white-sand beach. You will also have the privilege of viewing the bona fide dwelling of the Governor General of St Lucia. The house is situated on the summit of Morne Fortune near Castries known as the “Hill of Good Fortune” – which forms an ambiance for the capital city. The beauty of the house lays in the fact that it is one of the islands few remaining examples of Victorian architecture.

  • On our return we will stop at the Morne Fortune overlook to catch a glimpse of the picturesque southern side of Castries with an astonishing view of the town, Vigie, Castries Harbor as well as the northern side of the island. We are sure that you will have had the time of your life, experiencing our beautiful island in its entire splendor. Your feedback will be appreciated, and please do not hesitate to relay the experience you have had to friends and family, and we hope to see you again soon.

We very much enjoyed our tour. Danny Boy was an excellent tour guide. He was very knowledgeable about your island, as well as witty, funny and genuine and he provided us a great time. It felt like he truly wanted us to EXPERIENCE the island. It was the best, most informative island tour we have ever had. We will definitely recommend him and your Company in the future!

Best Wishes,

We LOVED our tour and our guide, Dave, was amazing! We will definitely be recommending you. Thanks so much!


Thank you so much.  Our tour was amazing and Lawrence was very knowledgable and flexible and fun to have as a tour guide. I am definitely going to recommend your tours to anyone we know traveling to St. Lucia.
Once again, Thank you!


Our tour was fantastic!!! Michael was great!  We had a great time with him.
It was a pleasure to spend the day with him and we will recommond your business and Michael to anyone!

Tanya and Dean

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