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Top 5 Watefalls in Saint Lucia

The island of St Lucia is one of the most mountainous in the Caribbean. The tropical climate means that there is plenty of rain during the wet season too, so that St Lucia has an abundance of rivers and streams. In their journey from the interior to the coast, these rivers and streams flow across rough terrain, so that there are many waterfalls, from small, gently gurgling cascades to sites where the water drops spectacularly over cliffs. Some are popular tourist attractions and are usually included in the itinerary of St Lucia tours and excursions while others are more off the beaten track and best enjoyed during a hike through the rainforests.

The following are the most famous waterfalls in the country and not to be missed. They’re easily visited on one of the many St Lucia day tours on offer. However, if you love the sound of cascading water, you may also want to go on an excursion in st. lucia to some of the lesser known waterfalls. Without further ado though, here are our top 5 Saint Lucia waterfalls:

Diamond Water Fall - & Botanical Gardens

Diamond Waterfall in the Diamond Falls Botanical Garden in Soufrière is not only one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in St Lucia but also one of the best. Its water comes from the nearby Sulfur Springs, the world’s only volcano where you can drive right up to the bubbling hot pools. This means that water that drops a little more than 50 feet to the pool below is warm. In addition, the water contains a variety of minerals and changes color depending on the light. While you can’t swim under this waterfall, there are several nearby pools where you can take a dip in the warm mineral water. You can even take a mud bath. Many people believe that the sulfur-rich water has healing properties that will revitalize and restore your body and mind. Most St Lucia island tours include a visit to Sulphur Springs (Volcano) and Diamond Waterfall.

Toraille Waterfalls

Many of the best waterfalls in St Lucia are found in the Soufrière area and with a drop of about 50 feet, the Toraille Waterfalls are another one of the island’s biggest. They’re regarded as a natural heritage site and are a popular spot among visitors and locals alike. You can bathe in the water underneath the falls and even let the cascade massage your back and shoulders, refreshing and invigorating you. Located on the way to the Fond St Jacques rainforest, the Toraille Waterfalls are easily accessed from the main road. There are changing rooms and picnic facilities so that this is a great spot for a day out.

Piton Waterfalls

The Pitons are one of St Lucia’s most iconic attractions and a must for nature excursions in St Lucia. They’re located just south of Soufrière and can be seen from Sulfur Springs as they stand sentinel over the bay.

On the way to the Jalousie Plantation, a world-famous resort, and to Petit Piton you’ll find the Piton Waterfalls, with a drop of about 30 feet. The water here is warm and bathing underneath the falls is like taking an invigorating, warm shower in the beautiful outdoors.

Latille Waterfall

Near Savannes, a couple of miles north-east along the coast from Vieux Fort, lie the Latille Waterfall and Gardens. The Latille Gardens with their lush vegetation of rainforest, fruit trees and herb gardens are an oasis of green where you can spend the day and get back to nature. Situated in these gardens is the Latille Waterfall, cascading down about 20 feet. You can take a refreshing dip in the pool underneath the waterfall or walk a little downstream where you’ll find several more pools in which to find respite from the tropical heat, float on your back and listen to the calls of St Lucia’s birds.

Sault Falls
Dennery on the east coast of St Lucia is home to another of the island’s biggest Saint Lucia waterfalls. The Sault Falls, also known as the Dennery Falls or the Errand Falls, have a drop of about 55 feet. Not visited as often as the waterfalls in the Soufrière area, the Dennery Falls provide a quiet, peaceful place to relax.

In fact, there is a good chance that you’ll have the falls all to yourself. If you want your St Lucia tour to focus on nature and adventure, be sure to visit this part of the island.

Near Sault Falls you can get the adrenalin going by taking a zipline tour among the treetops.

At Real St Lucia Tours you can find out more about the island’s many waterfalls and how to visit them. The friendly staff here are from St Lucia and will be happy to show you everything their beautiful island home has to offer.
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