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Top 5 Best Things to do in St. Lucia for Cruisers at the Best Prices!

The island nation of St Lucia is a popular Caribbean destination and a major port for cruise ships in the region. Blessed with stunning beaches, abundant wildlife, volcano hot springs dramatic mountains and volcanoes, waterfalls and quaint villages, this is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. If you’re on a cruise in this part of the world, you may want to make the most of your time and opt for St. Lucia Shore Excursions that will let you experience the best that the island has to offer:

(1) Explore the Pitons

Soufrière in the south-west of the island is a must-visit and is included in most St Lucia cruise excursions. Whether you approach this town by road or by boat, your eyes will instantly be drawn to the sight of two large mountains dramatically standing guard over the bay.

The Pitons, as these mountains are called, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous symbol of St Lucia. In fact, so important are they to the people of St Lucia that they’ve been immortalized in the country’s national flag. Even the local brew is named Piton.

The two Pitons are called Gros Piton and Petit Piton. With its steep sides, Gros Piton used to provide refuge for escaped slaves. Today, climbing this very big rock is one of the most popular things to do for visitors to St Lucia. It’s a strenuous hike but you don’t need mountaineering experience or special equipment to get to the top. On average, the ascent takes about 2 hours and the return trip about

(2) Savor the local tastes

For many, the highlight of Caribbean shore excursions is the opportunity to taste the local fare and St Lucia excursions are no different. The tropical climate means that there is a huge variety of fresh fare to be had. Bouyon is a tasty stew featuring fish or meat, bananas, plantains, dasheen, yams and sometimes coconut. Salt fish is another local specialty and is often prepared with either banana or breadfruit. The British introduced a variety of spices and one of the best ways to enjoy these is in the form of a roti.

Friday night is party night in St Lucia and two of the best places to be for this is Anse La Raye’s Seafood Friday and Gros Islet’s ‘Jump-up’. Both these events feature barbecues, lots of food, music and dancing in the streets.
You’ll also find plenty of gourmet restaurants on the island, especially in Rodney Bay.

(3) Get up close and personal with a volcano

St Lucia day trips usually include a visit to Sulfur Springs at Soufrière, hailed as the world’s only drive-in volcano. The sulfur smell takes some getting used to but the rich mineral content of the water means that a dip in one of the pools is a great way to restore your body.

Your guide will lead you to the ones where you can safely dip your toes into the water without the risk of burning. You may even take a mud bath, which is said to have healing and age-defying properties.

(4) Soak up the sun

The point of Caribbean excursions is to enjoy the glorious climate and feel the sun on your skin. Probably the most popular beach in St Lucia is Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay. The white sand stretches for about five miles and there are plenty of facilities for a great day at the beach.

Jalousie Beach between the two Pitons is another favorite sunbathing spot and you get to admire the mountains without having to get up and climb them.

Anse Chastanet is perfect for diving and snorkeling while Grande Anse is a nesting beach for endangered leatherback turtles and in season you might see the tiny hatchlings make their way across the sand to the ocean.
(5) Trek through the jungle

With its mountainous, rainforest-covered interior, St Lucia is a hiker’s paradise. There is no shortage of trails varying in length and difficulty.

If you prefer some adrenalin with your island excursions, be sure to go to Dennery where you can explore the jungle from a different vantage point with a zipline tour through the canopy.

With Real St Lucia Tours, you can enjoy the wonders of the island at the best prices. The guides are all St Lucia natives who know and love the island as only someone who was born here can. The company will arrange St Lucia island excursions tailor-made for your interests and since they keep tour groups small, you’ll get a more personalizsed, intimate taste of the island.
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