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101 Things to Do In St Lucia

Real St Lucia Tours represents the ultimate in Island adventure! Specialists in all things St. Lucia, we offer fully guided, private and small group tours designed for travellers coming to St Lucia from all over the globe.

St. Lucia has always been a highly sought after island, providing the ideal location for military forces as well as a tropical paradise for the rich and the elite.  In only 150 years, the island changed hands between the English and the French.  There has been much bloodshed over what nation had the right to lay claim to St. Lucia, which was initially settled by the Arawak Indians around 200 AD.  

First settled by a pirate named Francois de Clerc, a group of Englishmen decided to settle the island in 1605 after washing ashore.  Their first meetings with the island’s natives seem to have been peaceful ones, as the Caribs sold supplies to the Englishmen, but soon the Caribs lured many of them off on a gold expedition, where all but 19 died.  

It was nearly four decades later when the Earle of Carlisle decided to colonize the island, as he had been granted all of the islands in the Caribbean by the king of England.  The British tried to invade the island, but were staved off by the Carib natives.  Martinique purchased the island in 1651, and the wars between the Brits and the French over control of the island began in earnest.  

In 1979, St. Lucia established its independence, and the St. Lucia today is a far cry from the island where so much blood was shed.  While much of the original Carib history has been lost, much remains in the traditions and culture of the island and its people.  The excitement for living that made the Caribs such a remarkable people can still be seen today on the faces of our island’s West Indian natives. An Excursion in St. Lucia will introduce you to the many island attractions and top things to do. Learn more about St Lucia excursions and things to do here.
Getting Around St. Lucia

Getting around the island is never very hard, and you will find that there are numerous options available to you.  Islander offers St. Lucia Jeep rentals, as well as car rentals, and Real St. Lucia Tours can help you find the perfect transit for all of your needs.

Because much of the island is comprised of wilderness and smaller dirt roads, four wheeled vehicles are a popular choice for travelers.  A Jeep can make it easy to reach almost any of the island’s destinations while providing a sense of adventure combined with comfort.

Rental Car
If your travel plans largely include resorts and major attractions, a rental car can be a great way to get around St. Lucia.  There are cars to suit any group and personality, and islander cars can provide vehicles for your use or chauffeured vehicles driven by knowledgeable locals who can help you find the best the area has to offer.


Islander Cars St. Lucia

St. Lucia
fers both land and water taxis.  While a bit pricey to use for every journey, you will find that the taxis are definitely a unique and enjoyable experience.
St. Lucia Airport Transportation

Zip Line

You might be surprised to learn how much of the island can be explored using zip lines.  While not for the faint of heart, these lines definitely offer a view and a sense of adventure that would be hard to rival.

If you really want a unique view of the island, why not consider a helicopter tour?  From high above the Pitons, you can get a fantastic look at the plantations, rain forests, and villages that help make St. Lucia such a unique travel destination.

Buses are by far the least costly way to travel throughout the island.  License plates with the letter H in the center are buses that are available for use, and you will find that they offer transit to many of the island’s most popular regions and destinations.

Other Island Activities

Of course, many travelers to St. Lucia are couples, groups, and individuals.  While most of the island’s family friendly activities are perfect for adults, such as the more daring zip lines and the more strenuous rainforest hikes, there are ample activities on the island that are better suited to adults than to families.

Morne Coubaril Estate

Take a step back in time and explore this active plantation.  In addition to walking tours, you will find that it is possible to travel the plantation on a zip line, which offers breathtaking views of the majestic Pitons.  The plantation is fully interactive, offering one of the best tours in Saint Lucia that is at once both educational and highly entertaining.

The Pitons

The Pitons are certainly the island’s most beautiful and most photographed St. Lucia Attractions.  These two remarkable volcanoes offer ample opportunities for St. Lucia Activities.  Travelers can easily scale the petit Piton, while the Gross Piton must be climbed with a skilled guide.  Both offer simply remarkable views, and you will find that there is a beach between the volcanoes that is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and more.  While there are few touristy areas around the Pitons, you will find ample stands that offer drinks, food, souvenirs, and more.

Gros Island Street Party

If you are traveling with a group of adults and don’t mind staying up late, the Gros Island Street Party is definitely an event to remember.  With tons of live music, great local food, and the chance to mingle with the locals, entertainment is always easy to come by at these parties.

Zion Lion Farm

The Zion Lion Farm is one of the island’s best Saint Lucia eco-tours.  You will find that a water taxi will pick you up, and your fantastic tour guide Paul will offer an exciting boat ride before docking for lunch and tours.  The tour includes stops along secluded beaches, fishing villages, and more, as well as the chance to go snorkeling in some of the world’s most beautiful waters.  Best of all, the entire day trip is showcased by Paul’s intimate knowledge of the area and even of how the local farms work.  A full day Saint Lucia excursion offers hiking, a delicious feast, and much, much more.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

If you are visiting Soufriere, then a stop at the Diamond Botanical Gardens is a must do excursion.  Not only will you find the most beautiful plants on the island, but there is a simply majestic waterfall as well as mineral baths that you can use for a small fee.  There are snack and beverage areas for your enjoyment while you view some of the most wondrous plants and animals that a St. Lucia tour has to offer.

Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach holds a reputation as one of the best beaches in St. Lucia.  Home to a luxury resort, shopping, and more, the golden sands of Reduit Beach are certainly the perfect destination for romance and excitement.  On the beach you will find opportunities for swimming and sunbathing as well as ample opportunities for St. Lucia activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and even windsurfing.  There are plenty of spots to mingle with the locals, but finding a more secluded area of the beach is never very difficult.

Best Places to Stay in St. Lucia

Finding a great hotel or resort in St. Lucia is never difficult, and you will find that there are perfect accommodations for any individual, family, or group.  Each resort and hotel has a unique location and amenity listing, making it all the more fun to find the property that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Top St. Lucia Accommodations/Hotels

Islander Villas St. Lucia 

Windjammer Landing

This resort has much to offer for travelers of all ages.  While quiet, the resort has plenty of options for kids to enjoy.  The rooms themselves are spectacular, and the penthouse suites will certainly create a stay to remember.  The resort is built into the side of a hill, offering beautiful views of the beaches, and offers both beachfront and pool areas for swimming.  Each room is packed with amenities, and the number of onsite activities is simply enormous!

Anse Chastanet

This property is one of the smaller luxury hotels in the area and is a sister hotel to Jade Mountain.  Located right on the beach, the hotel offers a friendly staff and deluxe rooms.  Meal plans are available, including private beach dinners, and this diving and snorkeling hotel has numerous amenities to ensure your comfort throughout your trip.

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain is widely considered to be the most romantic luxury accommodation on the island.  This breathtaking resort is an architectural masterpiece with ample amenities for travelers to enjoy.  The resort offers multiple dining options, as well as a spa, beach and waterfront activities, infinity pools, and a number of in-room amenities.

The Landings

This luxury property is definitely designed with travelers in mind.  Featuring a remarkable kids club, multiple food and drink options, gorgeous beaches, and much more, The Landings is a great option.  With beach and harbor view rooms as well as hot tubs, pools, and more, the property is definitely a gem.

Rendezvous Resort

This romantic resort has an ideal location, with beautiful beaches and gardens located on the property.  The restaurants offer a variety of delectable dishes, while the property also offers a piano bar, a fitness center, and a variety of outdoor excursions and activities.

Cap Maison

This hotel has a spectacular location and offers a cliffside restaurant.  The private pools and gorgeous Rodney Bay waters are ideal for taking a swim, and the rooms are sizable with fantastic views.  The entire resort is relaxing, and the onsite dining options are some of the best on the island.

Oasis Marigot

The Oasis Marigot offers villas, cottages, and hotels in the most scenic areas of St. Lucia. The views are breathtaking from all of their rooms and villas and they specialize in crewed yacht and catamaran sailing vacations. The resort is ideally located for both adventure seekers and those looking for a relaxing beach vacation.

Coconut Bay Resort

This resort offers a family friendly vacation for those traveling with children and their Splash wing is definitely set up for fun and entertainment. The Splash wing features St. Lucia’s largest water park and a kids club at exceptional value. The resort also features an adults-only wing called Harmony that features a private pool, bar, and spa for a relaxing and kid-free stay.

Coco Palm Resort

This boutique resort located in Rodney Bay Village and offers excellent opportunities for shopping as well as a large pool and spa. Rodney Bay Village is known as the entertainment capital of St. Lucia and hosts around 50 restaurants as well as a casino. The hotel offers poolside and garden view rooms as well as suites and a myriad of day trips and adventure tours.

Bay Gardens Hotel

The hotel itself features a charming and intimate atmosphere designed to make the guests feel at home with simple comforts. The hotel is located a short shuttle ride from the beach and features a swimming pool as well as a restaurant and bar. This hotel is located in Rodney Bay Village, a hub of island entertainment and leisure, and offsite activities and shopping opportunities abound.

Villa Caribbean Dream

This lovely guesthouse is located on the southern tip of St Lucia overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by exquisite tropical gardens, the house is designed in Creole style with a large veranda for relaxing or sunbathing. Nearby there is the Club Mistral Station that offers some of the best wind and kite surfing around.

Nature’s Paradise

This elegant little B&B offers a romantic and private escape on the island with private bungalows that overlook the sea and a lush tropical garden to make the aura of serenity complete. The property features a 30 ft waterfall that feeds into a lovely pool with views of the Caribbean Sea. They also offer several eco-tours and eco-adventures that will allow you to experience the beauty and tropical diversity of the island.

East Winds Inn

This all-inclusive resort is one of the oldest and established resorts on the island, set in 12 acres of tropical gardens and located in Le Brellotte Bay. The resort prides itself on providing a traditional and authentic Caribbean experience set in simple luxury. You’ll enjoy the sounds of calypso rhythms from the onsite musicians, beachside beverage service, and an absolutely breathtaking environment.

Ginger Lily Hotel

This Rodney Bay Village boutique hotel offers value and an intimate village escape. The vibrantly colored hotel features rooms and suites, a swimming pool, as well as a beautiful garden and an onsite restaurant and bar. Located just a block from the beach, this little hotel is ideally suited to those on a budget looking for an intimate atmosphere coupled with closeness to the exciting entertainments offered by Rodney Bay Village.

Fond Doux

For those looking to mix a bit of history with their visit to St. Lucia, the Fond Doux is built on an actual 19th century plantation in French colonial style. This hotel is located near a world historical site, the Pitons in Soufriere, and blends old world colonial style with modern amenities. Accommodations are in private cottages situated in lovely tropical gardens overlooking an active agricultural plantation and include exclusive access to the Mamma La Terre Spa.

Ti Kaye Village Resort

This award winning resort is located in remote Ti Kaye Village and is lauded for the intimate feel and modern amenities it has on offer. All of the cottages overlook the ocean and the resort features non-motorized water sports on location as well as a spa, beach grill and bar, swimming pool and other standard resort amenities. They also offer a number of both land and sea tours for those looking to add a little adventure to a romantic getaway in a secluded part of the island.
About Real St. Lucia Tours

Real St Lucia Tours is more than just a tour guide or travel company.  Our service is staffed by locals who both know and deeply love the island.  We bring our experience and intimate knowledge of St. Lucia to every tour, helping you find the best sites, the most relaxing or exciting resorts, and the best food and fun for your personality and your needs.  When you are looking to book an excursion in St. Lucia & discover the very best of the island of St. Lucia, you can count on Real St. Lucia Tours and the Islander Group to make it easy!
Introduction- About the Island

St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful and exotic islands on the Caribbean. This island also offers a wide range of St. Lucia Tours & Excursions.  Comprised of breathtaking beaches, majestic volcanic mountains, immense plantations, and more, St. Lucia is truly a destination unlike any other.  Whether you want to explore a vast, unspoiled stretch of wilderness, explore a tropical rainforest, go parasailing, or enjoy real island food in a local village, you can find it all within easy reach.  Of course, when you are ready to relax, you will find that the island offers numerous perfect spots for watching a tropical sunset or even just enjoying a drink with your friends.Learn more about St. Lucia Tours being offered on our website.

Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting St. Lucia

  • Visiting St. Lucia requires travelers to carry a passport, even when the United States is the country of origin.  It will be needed for flights and all border crossings, so plan your travel enough in advance to ensure that you have time to get your passport!

  • Because St. Lucia is a tropical island and because there is wilderness and rain forests, mosquitoes and bugs can be found on the island.  Carrying bug repellant in your travel bag is a definite must!

  • While Kweyol, a dialect of French, is widely spoken by local inhabitants of St. Lucia, you will find that English is the island’s national language.

  • The currency used in St. Lucia is the East Caribbean Dollar, or ECS.  While most businesses that cater largely to travelers do accept the American Dollar, you will find that the exchange rate often makes it a better idea to convert some of your money to the ECS.  Banking hours are from 8-3 Monday through Thursday and from 8-5 on Friday.  Major credit cards are also accepted at most larger businesses.

  • Because tropical islands are naturally humid, you might find it a good idea to bring extra bathing suits and towels if your resort or hotel does not have a clothes dryer available for guest use.

  • If you are looking to bring electronic devices, you will find that the standard is a 220V AC, 50 cycle plug.  Check with your resort, however, as many of them do offer converters.

  • If you are visiting a restaurant or going on a tour, the standard tip in St. Lucia is 10%.  While tipping more for exceptional service is always welcomed, it can help to use this as a standard.

  • If you are in your hotel or resort and are seeking local travel information, Visitors Channel 50 can offer just what you are looking for.

  • Because St. Lucia is a tropical destination, you will find that temperatures range only between about 70 and 90 degrees F throughout the year, with December and January proving coolest while July and August prove hottest.  June through November are the island’s wettest months.
  • Ideal attire on St. Lucia includes comfortable walking shoes, lightweight clothing, and sunglasses.  Do note that beachwear is not appropriate in towns and villages and that camouflage is considered to be offensive on people of any age.
Things to See and Do in St. Lucia

If you are looking for activity and adventure, you will find that St. Lucia is truly a perfect destination for you.  Whether you are looking to defy gravity, to take part in once in a lifetime excursions, or just to have a little fun with the family, we can help you find the very best activities and attractions that St. Lucia has to offer.  Real St. Lucia Tours can also provide you with the best tours and tour guides, as well as arrangements for all that you want to see and do during your visit.

Opportunities for Family Fun Abound

If you are traveling with the family or planning a great getaway with the kids,St. Lucia is a perfect destination.  There are plenty of places for families to enjoy great activities together, with a variety of activities to ensure that everyone has a great time.  You will even find that many of the island’s hotels and resorts offer kid’s clubs and other family friendly amenities.

Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretive Center

This great destination is a fantastic way for people of all ages to learn more about the island’s history.  While Pigeon Island itself is one of the area’s biggest draws, you will find that the museum is incredibly interactive and that it has been rebuilt to the original 1808 blueprint.

Marigot Bay

This breathtaking harbor was actually used as the set for the movie Dr. Doolittle.  Once used as a natural harbor for hiding pirate ships, the area is beautiful and is filled with activities that the entire family will enjoy.  The bay offers immaculate beaches, as well as water sports, sailing and fishing charters, whale watching, and more.

Island Riders

Island Riders is a destination made for families.  Horseback riding on the island is truly a magical experience, and the guides at Island Riders will make sure that riders young and old have the attention they need to make the experience fantastic.  Many of the trips even make stop in local towns or offer unique events such as the chance to swim with the horses.

Brig Unicorn

If your kids enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, then they will adore this destination!  This 140ft pirate ship sets sail along the coast of the island before docking in a beautiful island town with waterfalls, natural springs, and more.  Each excursion also includes a fantastic lunch buffet, while the boat ride takes travelers back to the days when pirate roamed the seas.

Our Planet Centre

This eco-friendly attraction is definitely not one to be missed.  This interactive site offers a wide range of fun but educational activities where kids can learn what it is like to be inside a hurricane, view the earth from space, and much more.  The world’s largest mirror-sphere can also be found here, allowing visitors to view the planet through a giant kaleidoscope.  All of the proceeds from the centre are used to help fund the island’s environmental initiatives and research.

Debarras Turtle Watch

If you are looking for a grand adventure, an overnight turtle watch can definitely be right up your alley.  Ride along the island’s dirt roads and camp in tents set up by your tour guide.  When the turtles begin coming ashore, the tour guide will wake everyone to witness this ancient and remarkable marvel.  

Mount Soufriere

Mount Soufriere is a semi-active volcano that serves as one of the island’s biggest natural attractions.  The Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano allows kids to watch a volcano in action, complete with bubbling mud and steam expelling fumaroles.  The view of the seven square mile caldera is certainly one that you will never forget, and the volcano even offers the chance to bathe in the legendary healing mud and to rinse in a volcanic pool.

Treetop Adventure Park

If your kids are natural adventurers, then Treetop Adventure Park will certainly be a must-see destination.  Let the kids live out their fantasy of being just like Tarzan while enjoying an adventure of your own as well.  The adventure offers 11 different zip lines, ranging up to 800 feet in distance and up to 100 feet in height.  Clamber across swaying rope bridges and zoon along the bamboo filled forest while enjoying the excursion of a lifetime!

Rainforest Hike

The rain forests in St. Lucia are certainly a wonder unlike any other, and visitors of all ages enjoy walking the cool, shady trails located here.  Majestic trees and remarkable wildlife are a sight to behold, and trails offer everything from breathtaking views to monumental waterfalls.  There are a variety of trails to choose from, including some that are perfect for families with smaller children.

Dining In St. Lucia

St. Lucia is definitely a fantastic place to enjoy an adventure, but the cuisine on the island is as much an experience as exploring the Pitons.  From local cuisine to delectable seafood dishes and more, there are some fantastic restaurants to be found on the island, including a number of hidden gems.

Where to Find the Best Food in St. Lucia

Jambe De Bois

This waterside café located in St Lucia National Park overlooks Rodney Bay on Pigeon Island. They serve delicious homemade lunches and dinners and they are just as popular with the locals as they are with tourists. The food is local home cooking and a great value can be had on some of their delectable cocktails.

Ti Bananne

This little bistro is the main restaurant of the Coco Palm resort in Rodney Bay Village and features French Caribbean cuisine from an open kitchen. They serve poolside snacks and offer a weekly Friday night barbeque as well as evening entertainments. The name itself means “little banana and they are open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


This Rodney Bay Village restaurant features a bar and open-air restaurant in an elegant and contemporary chic atmosphere. They also proudly host the Caribbean Bartender of the Year, Alva Preville, and the bar features a range of signature cocktails created from locally grown ingredients as well as entertainment from live bands and DJs. Their food is uniquely local and fresh with a menu that varies with the changing market, enabling them to offer the freshest of fish and meats.

Jacques Waterfront Dining

Also known as Froggie Jacques, this is one of the most popular restaurants in Rodney Bay Village. The menu features French Mediterranean foods with a Caribbean twist in a simple and elegant atmosphere right on the waterfront. The dining terrace is ideally suited for catching midday breezes and enjoying the lights of the marina after dark.

Martha’s Tables

This west coast local restaurant is located in the world heritage site village of Soufriere near Petit Piton and just minutes from The Jalousie Plantation, The Stonefield Estate, and Ladera. They serve traditional home cooked local cuisine, seafood, and vegetarian dishes on an open air verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Reservations are required for dinner, but open seating is available for lunch and snacks beginning at 10 am.


This is an award winning restaurant located in The BodyHoliday resort overlooking the Cariblue Beach. This fusion restaurant of Eastern and western cuisine has maintained a AAA Diamond rating since 2007 and has been lauded by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine as one of the 60 Hottest Tables in the world. There is a dress code for dinner and reservations are suggested for one of the world’s premier dining experiences.


This centrally located Soufriere restaurant is a local institution serving simple and honest Caribbean fare in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is small, but there is a lovely balcony on the second floor overlooking the street. The food is inexpensive and casual, and served with a free rum or fruit punch.

The Coal Pot

This waterfront restaurant is located just outside of Castries in the Vigie Marina. This romantic little restaurant serves local and French Caribbean cuisine on a quiet and breezy open air veranda. The chef is French trained and the food is tasty and elegant without pretention.

Aunt Debbies

This modest little restaurant has been hailed as the Best kept Secret on St. Lucia, and one of the top ten restaurants on the island. Located close to Vieux Fort on the southern tip of the island, this restaurant features authentic Creole dishes made from local ingredients and a romantic atmosphere. This small open-air restaurant has been recommended by locals and experienced travelers alike and is considered a must-visit location by many.

The Edge

This fusion style fine dining restaurant offers artfully presented exquisite fare inside the Harmony Suites Hotel in Rodney Bay Village. Set on an open air torch lit waterfront veranda, the atmosphere is elegant and romantic with stunning views all around. The food is a unique blend of European style and Caribbean flavor that the chefs have dubbed Eurobbean.


Trios is located inside the Bay Gardens Resort in Rodney Bay Village and offers a fusion blending of European, Asian, and Caribbean flavors. The chefs are Caribbean-born and give local cuisine a European and Asian interpretation, rather than lending Caribbean flavor to European and Asian dishes. Reservations are not required and the dress code is resort casual.
Getting Married in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is widely considered to be one of the world’s top wedding destinations.  In fact, it has been awarded #1 World Wedding and Honeymoon Destination a remarkable 8 times!  With immaculate resorts, gorgeous waters, and beaches that will take your breath away, the island lends itself perfectly to a magical wedding.  You will find that most resorts will even provide wedding planners and other professionals who can handle everything from catering and cake to location, photography, and more.  Most resorts can even handle special requests, no matter how large or out of the ordinary!

Things You’ll Need

In order to get married on St. Lucia, there are a few things that you will need.  While the No Residency policy means that you can get married only hours after arriving on the island, you will need to pay $335 if you are staying for three or more days and $540 if you are staying less than a day on the island.  You will also need to pay a $100 registrar fee as well as $8 for the marriage certificate.

To get married on the island, you will need to ensure that the following documents have been faxed to the resort in charge of your accommodations:

Passports valid for at least six months
Birth Certificates
Proof of any name changes
Parental consent for those under 18 years of age
Marriage and death certificates for those who have been widowed
Divorce decrees

Please note that all documents should be originals or certified copies
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