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At Real St Lucia Tours, we know that you may have questions at any time.  That is why we have team members available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries and answer your questions.  Our team members are always highly knowledgeable, and you will find that someone is always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about booking a St Lucia tour, things to do in St Lucia or how our company works.  Whatever your question, we are always happy to answer it!

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Simply Amazing Tour Guides

If you are looking for the best St Lucia day tours, you need the best St Lucia tour guides, plain and simple.  The good news is that this is exactly what we have to offer.  We don't let just anyone work with our clients.  Our tour guides are world-class locals who love what they do and who are always working to provide the best possible experience for each and every one of our clients!

Our St Lucia tour guides are exceptionally passionate about the island and about all that comes along with it.  You will find that our guides know the island better than anyone, allowing them to share highlights and stories even during drives and to answer any questions about the island that might come up during the tour.  If you are looking for the absolute best tours and excursions and want the chance to learn a little bit of our history and  our story along the way, our guides are certain not to disappoint.

Our local and friendly guides are a big part of what makes Real St Lucia tours so unique.  You won't find a better or more knowledgeable team, and you won't find a better group of tours and day trips. Contact us today to learn more or to book excursions that are certain to excite while you are here on this beautiful island.

An All-Around Guide

Our tour guides are real multi-taskers, as they also serve as our drivers and work hard to be your best friend throughout your tour.  Our St Lucia day tours are packed with adventure, and your guide will play the role of helper, entertainer, teacher, and more.  You deserve someone that you can trust and whose company you will truly enjoy, and that is exactly what you get.  Just take the time to view reviews of our tours and  Tour Guides and you will see exactly what we mean!

When questions arise, your tour guide will be happy to answer them.  They will let you know what to do and what is going on at every step along your excursions in St Lucia, and they will make sure that you are always having fun along the way.  They can also recommend great things to see and do once your tour has ended, ensuring that you can have a genuinely local and exciting St Lucia experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Always Local Guides

As we mentioned, all of our guides are native to St Lucia.  We know that our tour participants are looking for an authentic St Lucia experience, and that is what we aim to provide at every step along the way.  While our guides may come from different parts of the island, be of different genders, and come from different walks of life, we are all native St Lucians, and our pride in our island home helps make us better guides for your St Lucia excursions.

Always Safe and Reliable

All of the tour guides at Real St Lucia Tours have been fully trained and know what to do in order to ensure that your tour is both safe and fun.  Whether you are taking a dip in the mud of a volcano or ziplining across the island, we will keep you safe while making sure that you are having the time of your life.  Our guides are experienced with all of our tours and will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are having a safe, fun time!

Choose Real St Lucia Tours

At the end of the day, you want the best adventures St Lucia has to offer, right?  That is what real st lucia is all about.  Our world class tour guides and our top-notch tours & St. Lucia Airport Transfers combine to ensure that you always have the time of your life.  Check out all of the  many tours  that we have on offer, and take the time to read our reviews.  We are confident that once you get to know our team, you will never look elsewhere for adventure, knowledge, and excitement in St Lucia.

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