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The excitement has been building....We've been booked going on a year for a Caribbean of our port stops is St.Lucia and I can’t wait!

Last year My wife and I spent a week in St.Lucia and did a tour with Real St.Lucia Tours , This year we were going back, unfortunately only for a quick stop however this time we were going to be taking My brother Patrick and his Partner Chad. I'm excited to see St.Lucia again, show my family what a wonderful place it is but more importantly to let them meet the wonderful people, I mean in the end...It's the People that make the place not the Place that makes the people.
Nobody does St lucia Tours better...
 I`ve been in constant contact with my friends Janus from real St.Lucia tours and  Stanis who took us on tour last time out, everything is set for our arrival...the communication with these guys is always A1, such a nice feeling that you don`t have to worry about anything when you’re on vacation...this is the way it should be and this most certainly is...The Real St. Lucia way.

St.Lucia is three Ports in on the cruise and I do enjoy the other ports believe me... but waiting to see these guys is like waiting to see friends you haven`t seen in years.
I wake up early as I always do on the cruise sit out on the balcony...sun is coming up over the islands , nice tropical breeze in the air , I`m relaxed but full of inner excitement as we pull into port.

 We meet up with my brother and Chad then get off the ship into the cruise terminal, after a brief look around we see my friend Stains...and This guy is awesome, he's holding a sign that says "welcome back Ed and Lisa”, the personal touch is truly heartwarming, then we get in the vehicle after being welcomed by Stanis and like the sign wasn't enough I receive a phone call to Stanis' phone from Janus personally welcoming us to the islands.

 We get settled in the vehicle and it was like we haven’t missed a beat with Stanis...  Great conversation as we drive out of Castries to begin our tour of the island.
 All the great things I remember about St.Lucia...The people , the Smells ,the food, The Lush greenery and colorful flowers ...It is all exactly how I remember it.

On our journey as we take in the beauteous scenery we make stops for fresh Watermelon, Bananas, doesn’t get any fresher or tastier than this...we make a stop to overlook Marigot bay what an amazing view I've seen it before but I believe each time feels like the first, we see the coast with the teal green ocean, boats and yachts anchored in the bay, you can just dream about being in one spending your days anchored in one of St.Lucias finest bays.
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On our way through town we stop for Fresh Bread, I’ve been waiting a year to get more of this's still hot and delicious like I remember.
 This day just gets better and better...Stanis mixes it up for us since Lisa and I toured with him last year yet we are with my Brother and Chad who have never been to St.Lucia...he does some of the things we had come to love and asked for, as well as taking us to some new places to experience and fall in love with.
 One of those new spots is Toraille Falls a wonderful Cascading waterfall in Soufriere, definitely a great spot for that St.Lucia waterfall pic you want...and as always my brother and I do the Facebook pose that everyone has come to know and love.

 After the Toraille waterfall Stanis asks us if we're ready for lunch...we shouldn’t be after all the sweet fruit and warm delicious bread but hey...this guy is always ready for a meal, So....for me...the best part of the day coming is up not just because I love food but....we are going To Janus' house for lunch, this day has been over two years in the making.
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Stanis' Points up high on a hill as we're driving and points out Janus' house it's not the highest house on the hill but certainly close , we drive up the road and park at the bottom of the stairs....Janus' excitedly comes down the steps to great us , welcoming us to the island with a handshake and a heartfelt hug...

 Up the stairs Janus and his lovely lady Elma have a table set with a lovely spread of Salads, big plate of mouth watering BBQ chicken, scrumptious Johnny Cakes, and some thirst quenching St.Lucian spirits, from moment one we're not treated like friends but family...we are welcomed to Janus' home literally with open arms, we have some eats, some drinks and Gab. Lunch time is coming and going quickly that's the bad part about being rushed by the cruise ships time but before we leave we get the grand tour of this beautiful house with the million dollar view along with a special invite for next time we're on the island.

 Well you know what they say...all good things must come to an end and because of our time restraints we must head out and continue our journey through the island, on a full belly and with a little bit of added hilarity from the St.Lucian spirits we venture to the Diamond Botanical Gardens and waterfall...a perfect spot for after lunch, a nice little walk to burn off those calories gained from lunch. The gardens is definitely a charming little spot full of vividly colored flowers and flourishing green trees and flora , it was absolutely a place to go and ease yourself into the afternoon.

 Time was definitely going fast and it was hot...we were all pretty much ready to get some beach time in but first we zoomed over to the drive in Volcano for a few pictures , a drive past the new Hotel Chocolate so I could get a quick glance of what it looked like , then we went down to probably one of mine and Lisa’s favorite beaches of anywhere we've been a relatively quiet little spot at the foot of the pitons  , palm trees , chairs , white sugar sand and jade colored water....amazing and the water in this 40c heat is exhilarating to say the least.
Some good swim time in  , a glance at the watch and back in the this point our time was sadly done....the clock was ticking on us , time to head back to the ship.

Going back truly made me sad...St.Lucia is one of my favorite places, again it's a stunning island...but what makes this island isn't only it's exterior beauty it's the heart of this island that makes it what it is and it's heart is it's people...people like Stanis, Elma, Janus....not only is this Real St.Lucia Tours...but this...these friends...That! Is what makes St.Lucia Real!

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