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Our Promise To You

Our goal at Real St. Lucia Tours is to strive to provide you with an experience that is completely natural, and not artificial, when it comes to sightseeing in St. Lucia. Real St.Lucia Tours do not believe that beauty should have to be expensive, which is the key reason why our tours,shuttle services are affordable to all travelers, no matter what their budget is.

Our local island guide professionals completely understand the need for your tour to be both memorable and exciting, and we are extremely proud to provide a level of service unmatched by any other, bar none. 

Travelling With Real St. Lucia Adventures

Real St. Lucia Tours is a small group Island touring company providing professional small group nature based tours to the active traveller. St. Lucia is lucky to be blessed with an extensive array of sightseeing attractions, world famous landmarks and hidden delights. There is simply no doubt that to get the most out of your touring adventure you must have a local guide who is exceptionally knowledgeable about the local sights and history.

Wether you plan on touring Soufriere, Castries, Vieux Fort or St. Lucia’s forests; we have an extensive range of activities which you can customize to suit your own personal adventure needs.

Wether it’s trekking St. Lucia’s famous world heritage site Gros Piton, or backpacking in the Edmunds forest; you will find that our tours are fully designed to cater to the needs of budget travellers. We really want you to be able to experience the beauty of St. Lucia without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

We are also proud to provide private charters and deluxe safari tours around the island. With our broad selection of tour packages, it will be difficult not to find an adventure which will grab your attention and get you really excited.

Who are Adventure Travellers?

St. Lucia is a relatively small island but has many attractions to consider while visiting. Wether you consider yourself to be fit and adventurous, or if you prefer to go for soft adventure, there is definitely something for everybody.

Our Guides:

All of our guides are local residents who are very enthusiastic about showing you St. Lucia. Our guides have an excellent understanding of the local area, and are also friendly enough to show you a great time as well. This is not just another boring tour where you sit in a Double Decker bus feeling bored. Wether you contact us over the phone or via email we will be able to answer all of your tour and cruise related enquiries.

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