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Thousands of visitors from all over the world are flocking to see St. Lucia year round, and most of them experience the island through day tours. You will find St. Lucia to be a place full of history, culture and marvelous attractions. 


With so much to see and do in St. Lucia your best option is to look for certified and experienced tour guides who are able to show you St. Lucia and also what it really means to be a St. Lucian. Real St. Lucia Bus tours come in all shapes and sizes, except we don’t do garish double Decker buses; we want you to have nothing but the best sightseeing excursion, not spending your time in traffic. 


Our 14 sitter air condition tour buses are designed specifically for St. Lucia sightseeing. Hop-on-hop-off the bus with our tour guides while they stop to show you what’s important. We are going to make you fall in love with St. Lucia over and over again!

People want to do excursions with Janus’ company because he produces affordable high quality island tours in a professional manner. Janus lives by the philosophy, "Always treat people the way you would want to be treated. Always do what you say you will do. Be aggressive in your marketing and professional in everything that you do!"

Much of Janus’ business comes from referrals from satisfied clients, whether it is cruise passengers, hotel guest or tour operators. The unique island excursion’s his team provides is second to none. Janus’ travel family are persons who want the very best island tour package for the least price.


Janus Gyan



Hello future visitors to St. Lucia, I am Kershama. With great excitement and vigor I welcome you to a Caribbean island which is unlike any other. I was born and raised in St. Lucia, living in the country-side where the French and British history still patronizes the land, tropical flowers bloom throughout the year, and the adventures and excursions are infinite. 


I particularly love Caribbean craft, so when I’m not around St. Lucia showing off my island to visitors, I am usually out in the fields, or on the beach searching for unique and inspiring pieces to create my next eco-friendly Caribbean design. The sightseeing attractions and packaged tours adds compliment to a day tour visit or an exotic week vacation. Helping people see St. Lucia through my eyes by my unique hand-made Caribbean designs, and the fun-filled adventures and excursions is a something I am always looking forward to do. St. Lucia is rich in diverse history and traditions which up to this day have left us with a multi-cultural environment. Food which was introduced from all parts of the world has lead to a combination of delectable cuisines and global influences which helped create our Creole practices.


Real St. Lucia guides are known to help visitors experience St. Lucia, not just to educate them on the island. So a Friday Night Fish Fete at Anse La Raye will not be just a drive from your resort or ship, our guides love to be practical, bringing only laughter and a memory that cannot be forgotten. An island tour is not to be a laid back sit on a mini-van experience, we take you out to feel the Caribbean aura, suck on cocoa seeds, drink fresh coconuts from the shell then split it open with a machete and scoop out the sweet jelly St. Lucian style.


Imagine being from a land where life is always an adventure, and the word worry does not exist in our vocabulary, this is island I am excited to show you. St. Lucia welcomes people from all corners of the world, so don’t be a stranger, come and live life like a true St. Lucian. And like Janus says “See You On The Trail”



Founder/Professional Island Guide


Scott Dudley is a professional internet marketer from Australia, and has worked closely with Janus and Real St.Lucia Tours since mid 2009. He has been largely responsible for assisting with Australian client relations and for providing effective marketing solutions for the company.

He is very proud to be involved with such a vibrant and reputable touring company from the beautiful Caribbean island that is St.Lucia. The sightseeing attractions in St.Lucia are truly magnificent, and really have to be seen to be believed.

Real St.Lucia Tours is not your average touring company as it specialists in showing the customer a good time. You can be guaranteed  of an interactive, friendly and safe touring experience with local St.Lucian tour guides, who are  experts are showing visitors the very best that St.Lucia has to offer.

He is looking forward to working with Janus and the team in the future, and in his opinion it is clear that this company is definitely going places.

Scott Dudley


A bright welcome to all future visitors to St. Lucia, I am Ricardo, taxi driver and local island guide. I carry around a signature style, t-shirt, jeans pants, long plait, to sum it all up a short, dark skinned, Indian guy who is very spontaneous. Your island tours are always off the beaten track with me, as I aim to show explorers what I call “The Rugged St. Lucia.”


I am a St. Lucian to the core, so I know every corner, and every deep abyss of St. Lucia. I am the guy who will help you discover St. Lucia’s Creole culture, and diverse traditions. The natural sightseeing attractions and local road side delicacies are a real islander’s fantasy. Touring St. Lucia with a guy of my nature doesn’t get any better, because you get to experience St. Lucia in the eyes of a true St. Lucian.


So, come on and feel irie in St. Lucia, with real St. Lucia vibes, and that is me Ricardo, a real St. Lucia guide.





Being an Island Guide with Real St. Lucia Tours has really allowed me to get even more acquainted with my native island, St. Lucia. As a child I lived a very quiet and introvert life, and quickly grew into the music business playing steel-pan with my uncle (Henry) who is the band leader of (Sulphur Stars), our steel-pan band. Playing steel-pan in various resorts on the island, has really enlightenED me on the tourism aspect of St. Lucia, seeing how visitors to St. Lucia have such a good time grooving to the steel-pan music, drinking tropical cocktails of all Caribbean colours, and getting freed up in the exotic aura that they are experiencing in the moment.


It makes me feel good to welcome new visitors to my island every day, visitors who come from all over the world, to explore the island attractions and discover St. Lucia’s history and culture. The steel-pan forever remains a part of me, and this is why everyday when I share the facts of my island, together with the words of my mouth the rhythm of steel-pan plays in my voice, together forming a tropical harmony that visitors always smile about. Looking forward to playing the tropical steel-pan rhythm to you, the next visitor to St. Lucia. 




Welcome global trekkers, explorers, and fun seekers to the “Helen of the West”, St. Lucia. Hey, you know why you’re here in St. Lucia, and whatever the reason maybe, I’m here to tell you that you are in the right place. St. Lucia is a highly diversified island, so yes we specialize in everything, and with so many cultural influences Real St. Lucia Tours is here to show you the true St. Lucia, giving you the authentic island experience you came here to find.


In an island style, I am welcoming you to St. Lucia, my name is Arkim, and like all the other guides I was born and nurtured here in St. Lucia, I have lived in St. Lucia all my life, and I know the St. Lucian traditions and Creole dialect. My true passion is integrated in the turquoise blue waters of this Caribbean Haven, diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, this is what Arkim is about. So my favourite adventure to get into with island explorers is the sea adventure, it’s just as much fun zip-lining through nature, or dancing away at Gros Islet Street Party, or discovering all the natural sightseeing attractions around the island, but nothing is like the glittering ocean of St. Lucia. 


Real St. Lucia Tours is making a difference in how visitors to St. Lucia experience our island. Authentic island style living is what we are here to show you.  So once again, welcome to the island in the sun!!!




A tropical welcome to all future visitors to St. Lucia, whether you are thinking of making this magnificent Caribbean island your next vacation getaway, or you have decided that St. Lucia is your place to be, I want you to know that you very “LUCKY”. St. Lucia is a small island, only 238 square miles, however many hidden paths, historical ruins, secluded attractions and beaches, and natural adventures are waiting to be discovered by YOU.

Hi, I am Ian, a Real St. Lucia tour guide and taxi driver, I am a St. Lucian, raised in the rural community of Fond St. Jacques where many visitors roam to find St. Lucia’s tallest mountain Mount Gimie and the rugged paths of Edmund rainforest or Enbas Saut Waterfall and nature trail. Apart from sharing some of St. Lucia’s most indigenous nature sites, my community of Fond St. Jacques is surrounded by pure St. Lucian culture and lifestyle, and this is one of the coolest parts of the island. Making your way from the historical town of Soufriere to the rural community of Fond St. Jacques you will find many natural attractions like the New Jerusalem Warm Waterfall, the Toraille Waterfall and Botanical Garden, the Diamond Mineral Waterfall and Botanical Garden, and the sound, sight and feel of paradise all around you.

Like our neighbouring Caribbean islands St. Lucia is not well known by global trekkers, or paradise lovers, but we like it to remain this way, because when you decide to make St. Lucia your place of serenity you will not be on an island over-populated by foreigners or busy taxi cabs flooding the roads. What you will experience is complete tranquility, adventure with nature, or our native culture and traditions that we like sharing with all our foreign friends.   


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