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St. Lucia Volcano Tour

Experience the ultimate St Lucia sightseeing attraction. 

The St Lucia Volcano is recognized to be the only drive-in volcano in the world. Despite not having any reported eruptions in the volcano for over 200 years, The Sulphur Springs is well known as one of the main sightseeing attractions of St Lucia. These days the St Lucia volcano still has signs of boiling mud, with steam and water visibly appearing, but it is generally considered to be dormant and is ideal for a daily guided tour.

On a tour of the St. Lucia Volcano learn the variety of colors at the surface, which are basically caused from calcium oxide, copper oxide, magnesium, sulphur, and iron. Some parts of the volcano are also filled with boiling water. It really has to be seen to be believed if you planning on doing an island tour. The people of Soufriere are proud to be living so close to the worlds only drive-in volcano and some live extremely close to the actual craters.

The water in the St.Lucia volcano has therapeutic qualities, which some people take advantage of by bathing in it to remove spots from their skin. Don’t be surprised if you actually see people in the water while visiting on your day tour. People are banned, however, from walking in the crater after a previous incident of a tour guide falling in a pool of boiling water while jumping up and down. At night the volcano features a very strong sulfur odor, and can be smelt long distances away, but it is not as noticeable during the day time.

To discover this rare island attraction it is recommended to take a guided bus tour of St.Lucia, where you can visit the volcano in Soufriere. A tour of St.Lucia is simply not complete without visiting this unique volcano. For things to do in St Lucia, visiting this island attraction is a must. Let ‘Real St Lucia Tours” arrange a tour package that suits your budget and time frames and allows you to take full advantage of the numerous other sightseeing attractions. A guided bus tour organized by experienced local St.Lucians is the smart way to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

Petit Piton Hike

Healthy Hiking adventure for the active rock climber

Just near the town of Soufriere in St. Lucia, lie two impressive volcanic spires which rise side by side to the sea. Petit Piton rises to a height of 2461 ft (739 m), and Gros Piton rises to a height of 786 m (2619 ft) and they are simply a spectacular and beautiful sight to visit. Climbing Petit Piton is a fantastic activity. 

Petit Piton is the shorter of the two mountains, but is tougher to climb than Gros Piton. Depending on how much effort you put into it, it takes roughly two hours to climb to the top. Climbing the Petit Piton is certainly challenging, but it is also a rewarding activity if you are willing to brave the steep and treacherous trail. A panorama view from the top of mountain has to be seen to believed, with landscape that is worthy of many memorable photographs. A different St Lucia sightseeing tour. 

 The trail is extremely steep and is not for the faint hearted. The best way to climb the mountain is to use hand holds in the rocks, and to use tree roots to help pull yourself up. Be warned that there are some exceptionally complicated rope sections about three quarters of the way to the top of the mountain. People are advised to use great caution and to also be aware of your own physical limitations.

 There is no water available anywhere along the trail, so make sure you bring your own – you will certainly need it. The trail is reasonably shady and covered by trees, with not much direct sunlight which makes it more comfortable. Be prepared for some extensive exercise, as you will be using muscles that you never knew existed. But don’t worry, the effort is well worth the amazing experience!

It is very important to have a local tour guide on this difficult stretch, and that is where “Islander” comes into the picture. At Islander, we like to make sure that climbing Petit Piton is both a pleasurable experience and a safe experience. We have extensive expert experience with climbing the great mountain, and we know what to do and what not to do while climbing the trail.

Don’t risk climbing Petit Piton on your own, it’s just not worth it. Islelander will guarantee a truly memorable experience – you can count on it. You don’t need to be a professional rock climber to climb this mountain, all you need is to book Islelander to be your professional guides to hike the trail up Petit Piton. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable about the local area, and will also show you a good time. Take the stress and worry out of your visit to Petit Piton by contacting Islelander either by email on or by phone on 1 (758) 486-1561

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime by exploring nature at its finest in the Caribbean! This is the St Lucia adventure travel trip of your dreams. 


St. Lucia attraction

The natural springs that can be found at Petit Piton are a combination of hot sulphur and cold river water. The springs can be found north of the trail to the mountain, and they are the ultimate way to soothe your sore muscles and aches and pains from the big climb. This is also on the St Lucia things to do list!

The springs are just a short two minute stroll from the base of the Petit Piton trail. A great idea is to make sure you soak in the pool just to your left as you enter for some really warm refreshing water. Don’t forget to bring money with you on your hike, to ensure that you can pay the $7.50 entrance fee! will take care of you and introduce you to these refreshing springs. The springs are one of the major sightseeing attractions in St Lucia and we highly recommend that you try the natural springs.

Another Sightseeing Attraction - FOND ST. JACQUES, ST. LUCIA

Mt. Gimie is the tallest mountain in St.Lucia and measures 3,117 ft. above sea level. There is a clear trail that runs through the lush rainforests and tropical vegetation on the mountain. This is just one of the many sight seeing attractions of St Lucia that Real St Lucia will proudly guide you through. Keep an eye out for the St. Lucia parrot, which is unique to St.Lucia, and is arguably the most striking parrot of its kind. Looking for St Lucia sightseeing tours, this is one of them. 

Despite the hike at Mt. Gimie not being one of the busier attractions for the local island guides, Real St Lucia Tours still thinks of it as an important part of their guided island tour. The track itself is well off the beaten path, and it is highly recommended to let a local tour guide assist you on the journey, particularly because it is extremely hard to get your hands onto a decent map of the area. Unless you are a local St.Lucian, the chances are that you will get lost if you try to go on your own. One of the tours in St Lucia where guides are absolutely necessary. More on attractions in St. Lucia 

Make sure you pack a decent lunch with plenty of water to get you through the day. Bring suitable clothes to prepare for wet weather, as we will be hiking through rain forests, and it is common for it rain during the climb. Hiking boots are also essential as the rain makes the trail soft and muddy underfoot, and you don’t want to be slipping and sliding while you are walking. The mountain itself is not overly steep, but still expect to feel tired as it takes roughly 10 hours to do the round trip. More on St. Lucia Activities

Climbing Mt. Gimie with Real St Lucia Tours is the sensible solution to conquering the mountain, and you can count on a safe but action packed enjoyable experience for everybody. Islelander have quickly built up a reputation of offering the best tours in St.Lucia and have the local knowledge to guide you around the top sightseeing attractions. To ensure you have the best possible experience at Mt. Gimie, let Islander make it a day that you will never forget. More on things to do in St. Lucia

More Sightseeing Attractions and Things to Do in St Lucia!

St. Lucia attraction - SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA

Gros Piton is the second highest mountain in St. Lucia, and is the taller of the two pitons (the other piton being Petit Piton). The piton is measured at 2,619 feet above sea level, and it is famous for its remarkable views overlooking the sea. Gros Piton is found at the southern end of the bay, close to the headland Beaumont Point.

The mountain is authorized by the St. Lucian government who charge tourists around $30 to climb the piton. A tour guide is definitely required, and Real St Lucia Tous have proved to be the most popular and most qualified local island guides in the area. When organizing your tour package do yourself a favor and get in touch with us, we will make you feel like royalty. This is a tour in St Lucia perfect for families and couples. 

The Hike to the top of Gros Piton will take you around 2-3 hours depending on how fast you can climb. The trail is relatively straight forward and you should not have too many problems with the climb. Your tour guides at Real St Lucia Tours will make sure they are there to help you if you come across any sections that you have difficulty with. More on Hiking Gros Piton

The climb is not extremely steep, but is still challenging to a beginner. If you need a rest there are several stops where you can take a breather and enjoy the impressive views. At the second look out point near the peak of the mountain, you can see an awesome view of Petit Piton which is worthy of many photographs.

Gros Piton is an important part of any tour to St. Lucia and you simply don’t want to miss it. Let Islelander take you on a professional guided bus tour, and show you all the main sight seeing attractions. You will not miss a thing at Gross Piton with Islelander, as our mission is to give the tourist the ultimate guided bus tour of St. Lucia

St. Lucia attraction - SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA
The Diamond Falls is an attraction in St Lucia privately owned, and located a few hundred metres east of Soufriere. They were originally built nearly 300 years ago, and were renovated back in the 80’s and still feature some of the original baths. France's King Louis XVI had them created for his army at these natural, mineral-rich falls. A refreshing shower under the flowing waters is a stimulating break after a long day. This makes a wonderful addition to your St Lucia island tour. 

One distinctive feature of the pools is that they are each a different temperature, so be sure to test the temperature before jumping in.

On a tour of the attraction you will learn The waterfall contains minerals, and its stream emits from rainwater mixed with volcanism which gives the falls a unique colourful appearance that changes frequently. The falls are around ten to fifteen metres tall, and the pathways are meticulously maintained.

The Diamond Falls are perfect place to relax after a long guided tour with Real St Lucia. It will cost only $22.50EC, and Real St Lucia highly recommend this as an integral part of your tour of St.Lucia.

SPIKE waterfall tour
Spike Waterfall is an impressive cold waterfall located in the rainforest in Soufriere. The waterfall is not particularly full-bodied, but it is very tall and you can watch the water flow down the rocks. The waterfall is worthy of some souvenir photographs.

There are 3 waterfalls in total which feature separate trails. The trail is reasonably easy and does not need any special care taken. It is recommended to allow 20 – 30 minutes to explore the waterfall with Islander.


St. Lucia attraction - SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA

The Touraille Waterfall is another cold waterfall close by to the spectacular rainforests in Soufriere. The natural surroundings and gardens around this area really have to be seen to be believed.

The waterfall cascades from a height of approximately 50 feet, and most people that visit like to walk on the upper trail to view the impressive Petit Piton in the distance. This is a great place to show your friends and family. Islelander will show you around the waterfall, and be the tourist guide that you always wished for.

St. Lucia attraction - CHOISUEL, ST. LUCIA

The Saltibus Waterfall is a stunning two hour walk that can be found in the hills of Saltibus, Choiseul. It features a lush mountaintop rainforest, and an impressive series of large natural waterfalls. There are four waterfalls with the largest measuring around 40 feet high. The track is not too difficult if it is dry, but can be slippery and dangerous if it is has been raining recently.

While hiking the trail you will observe a variety of unique animals such as the St. Lucia Parrot, the St. Lucia Pygmy Gecko, and a variety of plants such as bamboo, breadfruit, grapefruit, coconut, and orchids. It is a great idea to bring insect repellent to protect you from the persistent mosquitos. The water is also extremely cold and very pure.

Without a doubt the best way to experience Saltibus Waterfall is to use Islelander as your local tour guides. Islelander knows exactly where to take you and what to show you, so it’s best to be smart and trust the local experts.  

St. Lucia attraction - CANARIES, ST. LUCIA

The Canaries Waterfalls are located in the Grand Bois Reserve, which is about three miles east of Canaries. There are plenty of farms nearby growing fruits such as grapefruits and mangos. The Canaries Waterfalls can be accessed by either walking or driving and the road is in good condition. If you decide to walk you can be assured that there is ample shade provided by the lush trees surrounding the path.

While you are hiking down the river you will come across nice ripples, pools and a few places that are ideal for fishing.  There are a few different waterfalls in this area which are well worth a good look. As you keep walking you will need to pull yourself up with a rope to look at some of the waterfalls, and this can be tough for some people that are not physically up to it.

To ensure your safety it is important to let a tour guide take you on this hike. Islelander are the professional local touring company that will allow you to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of St.Lucia. Take the stress out of you guided bus tour by booking Islelander – you will be glad you did!

St. Lucia attraction

Morne Le Blanc is more of a hill than a mountain, and it offers a remarkable view of Laborie Village and southern St.Lucia. This is the perfect place to sit down and relax for an hour and just gaze at the beautiful country side surrounding you.

You will be able to enjoy bird-watching, a variety of fruit trees, and walking through the various trails. At the top of the hill there is a special lookout that allows you to see over the top of the trees for a much better view. If you are there in late part of the afternoon, it is highly recommended to stay and watch the impressive sunset.

Do yourself a favour and book Islelander to show you how to enjoy a guided bus tour of paradise, and to experience this relaxing atmosphere in style. Islelander specialise in showing the customer the ultimate ways to get the very best out of St.Lucia.

St. Lucia attraction - EDMUND FOREST RESERVE

The Des Cartier Nature Trail includes a lush tropical forest and runs for approximately 2.5 miles. The wide trail is in excellent condition and has plenty of shade with the rainforest canopy above it. You will find a few unmarked sections along the way, where you can take different routes which end up at the main trail.

It is truly an awesome experience to walk through the forest, where you will be able to enjoy tree ferns, epiphytes and large trees. There is also an excellent selection of more widespread lesser Antillean species, rufous-throated solitaires and also St. Lucia black finches. If you are lucky you may also find the rare white-breasted Thrasher, a species hardly ever sighted on the island.

It is very easy to get lost on this trail, so it highly advised to contact Islelander to be your tour guides. You will not miss out on any of the main sight seeing attractions if you take a guided bus tour with Islelander.


St. Lucia attraction

 Grand Anse Beach can be found near the mountain community of Des Barras, in the north eastern region of St. Lucia. One of the major attractions of this beach is the Leatherback Turtle, which is unfortunately an endangered species. While walking along the beach you may discover eggs that the Leatherback Turtle (or other turtle species) have laid. This is more likely to happen in season between March and August.

The beach is very remote and secluded, and is roughly about a mile long. The ocean is very choppy and powerful, and is regarded as too dangerous to swim or snorkel in.  If you would like to have a dip you can cool off in a sandbar that runs the length of the beach. The beach is difficult to get to, but once you get there you will be pleased you made the effort. This is really nature at its finest! The beach features a couple of fantastic camping spots to extend your stay if necessary, and they are sheltered from the wind.

Instead of trying to find the beach on your own, contact Islelander to be your local tour guides and take full advantage of the local knowledge. You will not miss any of the major sightseeing attractions as Islelander are the local touring professionals and will not let you down. To get the most out of your experience at  Grand Anse Beach you are well advised to choose the best there is.


St. Lucia attraction

While travelling through Vieux Fort, it is highly recommended that you visit the attractive Sandy Beach. The best word to describe this beach is simply “PARADISE”.  This beach has all the ingredients of the perfect beach. Soft white sand, clear clean water, bright blue skies, impressive palm trees and the crisp green plant life are absolutely awe-inspiring. A quick glance at the photos on this page will clear any doubts.

The beach extends for approximately one mile and is normally quiet and uncrowded. If you are into windsurfing and kite surfing, then you will love Sandy Beach even more. This beach has been recognised as one of the best places in the world for kite surfing.

The beach occasionally has rough seas and is dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Its best to avoid the waters if you are not much of a swimmer. From the beach you can observe a great view of Maria Island, and also an old fashioned lighthouse on the cape.  If you are hungry you will also find plenty of restaurants and eateries along the beach.

This area is one of the most impressive parts of a guided bus tour of St.Lucia, and Islelander are the most popular and professional of all the touring companies on the island. Don’t leave it up to chance, choose the very best that there is. Choose Islander to give you an experience you will remember for life!

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