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St.  Lucia Tours and Excursions with Real St. Lucia Tours Are Unlike Any Other

When you are looking for the best travel experience, you want to get to know the very best of your destination.  At Real St. Lucia Tours, we set out to give you just that.  Our tour guides are all locals with a deep love of our beautiful island, and you will find that our St. Lucia excursions are beyond compare.   Whether you are taking zip line tours of the island or enjoying a hike on Gros Piton, our tours simply can’t be beat.  Our vehicle fleet is incredibly well managed and well inspected, and our drivers are courteous, knowledgeable, and ready to share answers to all of your questions about St. Lucia.

Real St Lucia Tours is one of the fastest growing tour company, providing small group tours , St Lucia shore excursions, St. Lucia Airport Transfers, day trips, St Lucia zipline tours, individual and private tours in Saint Lucia. We are part of the larger Islander Travel group and specialize in an extensive range of affordable sightseeing and St Lucia day trips.

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While a St. Lucia day trip might not seem like nearly enough time to see and do all that the island has to offer, you will find many options available to you.  Every St. Lucia excursion with our team is a VIP tour, so you will get the private trip experience no matter what activities you choose.  If you want a truly private tour of St. Lucia, you will find that we can arrange one for you.  Our Island Expo tour takes only about five hours and offers tours of banana plantations, a St. Lucia volcano tour where you can even take a mud bath, a visit to Piton Falls and the Diamond Botanical Gardens, a visit to the Governor’s house, and much more.  There is even time to visit the beach and go snorkeling! Learn about our  St. Lucia Airport Transfers – Taxis, & Shuttle Service

In creating St. Lucia Tours, our goal was to provide the ideal experience for every visitor and guest.  This starts when you are planning and booking your tour and doesn’t stop until you have left the island and returned home.  We work to let you create the trip that YOU want, whether it is a long list of the island’s best experiences over a long duration or a day trip that showcases all of the short but memorable experiences that our island has to offer.

Another thing that helps make Real St. Lucia Tours unique is that we work with the very best in the business to showcase the best St. Lucia attractions and St. Lucia activities.  We team up with the best tour guides, employees, drivers, and more and work hard to provide an experience that is more affordable than most St. Lucia tours while offering a higher level of care, customer service, and quality.  Vacationers want happy memories and experiences that will last a lifetime, and that is exactly what we aim to provide.  When you use our vehicle rental services or take part in our tour groups, you don’t have to worry that you are going to be trapped with a group of spring breakers just looking for the next crazy party.  Our tours are meant for fun, but they highlight exploration and showcase the best St. Lucia activities available.

Excursions in St. Lucia are incredibly varied, and if you are here for a few days, it is amazing what you can do.  You can explore aquatic and land animals and plants one day, hike a volcano the next, and enjoy a rainforest or beach barbecue the next.  Our variety is designed to ensure that we have something for everyone, and we can create a package for individuals and groups of any age or ability level.

At Real St. Lucia Tours, we are always working to create new tours that will delight and amaze our guests. From the time your airport transfer arrives throughout every tour, you will be in the company of a knowledgeable tour guide who will share stories and facts while keeping you entertained.  You won’t get sent off to explore the wilds or the best sites while the guide stays on the bus, our drivers know all there is to know about the island and will even accompany you to barbecues to ensure that you have a great time!

One of the things that our customers like most about our St. Lucia tour options is the ability to really choose from all of the many things to do in St. Lucia to create your own one-of-a-kind experience.  No two travelers are alike, so why should your vacation be just like someone else’s?  Excursions in St. Lucia should live up to all of your dreams, and we make sure that your vacation or day trip does just that.  You will find that we book many families and solo travelers alike on our St.  Lucia tours, and we happen to see a lot of recommendations and repeat visitors.

When it comes to tours in St. Lucia, things to do are everywhere.  Safaris and local barbecues are incredibly popular, while our volcanoes are among the most popular destinations on the island.  Saint Lucia tours can make sure that you see the best of it all, no matter how much or how little time you have to stay on the island.  With guides who have more knowledge than any outsider about our island, with our excursions, St. Lucia just might start to feel a little bit like home.

In short, if you are looking for tours in St. Lucia that provide a real island experience, turn to Real St. Lucia Tours.  Affordability never comes at the cost of quality or service, and we allow you to book your St. Lucia tours and excursions in advance so that you can be certain you won’t miss a thing.  Tours of St Lucia really cannot be beat.  Our island is beautiful, our people are incredibly friendly, and there is no shortage of things to see and do.  When you are ready to see what the best Saint Lucia tours in the world are like, contact Real Saint Lucia tours to inquire about the many St Lucia excursions we have on offer.

98% of Traveler's recommend Real St. Lucia Excursions

I just wanted to write a quick note of gratitude and appreciation for our  Saint Lucia Day Excursion today with Danny.  He was absolutely fantastic.  We went everywhere we wanted to go, enjoying delicious bread and an amazing lunch.  When we return we will definitely book again with Real St Lucia Tours and will only book with Danny.  He is a great guide and did an amazing job. When I return to the states I will also write reviews of our Saint Lucia tour.  
Thank you again.

Adam and Jessica Manley

We were very sad to leave such a beautiful island with such wonderful people. I can't tell you how much we loved Shawn. Our tour of St. Lucia on Monday was the best and it was great to see the whole island. The place he stopped to get some of the best bread I have ever had. He took us to all the places we wanted to see and told us so much about the island. He was there exactly when he said he would be. I will highly recommend your excursions and Shawn to anyone traveling to St. Lucia.



St. Lucia tours & Excursions (whether it is by land, sea or air transportation) is the best way a traveler can truly appreciate St. Lucia's attractions and  immerse themselves in the infinite beauty on and around the island of Saint Lucia. The untainted wilderness, the vast plains, the crystal clear sandy beaches, and the diverse culture are simply breathtaking making things to do in St. Lucia unlimited. You will be in awe of the Majestic Pitons created by the world’s only drive-in volcano (both Gros & Petit Piton) which soars magnificently from the Caribbean Sea and into the blue sky like skyscrapers. A volcano tour is an absolute must do while on island

And what better way to experience a St. Lucia tour and explore St. Lucia's tourist attractions than from the eyes of Real St Lucians. Our St. Lucia excursions are designed to  will fill the adventurous traveler with wanderlust  allowing you to meet real people and families who are the fabric of this island.

Exploring St. Lucia's many atttractions with Real St Lucia Tours takes out the hassle of being a tourist, so there is no garish double Decker buses or the inconvenience of being stuck in traffic – we prefer the simple personal approach to island touring, which involves a combination of well equipped brand new 14 sitter air-conditioned buses where travelers can directly interact and ask questions and be more involved in the tour. Our tour guides are extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable and are ready to hop-on and hop-off the bus providing an incredible immersion experience for an amazing St. Lucia Day Tour. Our cruise excursions is also a fantastic way of doing everything in St. Lucia within your allotted time.

At Real St. Lucia Tours, our mission involves total commitment to providing unforgettable and affordable tours in St. Lucia to our valued travelers. In this modern era it is critical to provide value to travelers at a price that they can afford. Real St. Lucia Tours fully embraces this principle and will not let you down!
Real St. Lucia Tours provides discounted tour package rates for cruise ship passengers, hotel guest and people with special circumstances, and we are open to hearing from people that are struggling in some way. We cannot guarantee that we will always give discounts, but we are willing to consider discounts for certain cases. Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to have the opportunity of witnessing the magic of St.Lucia and the Caribbean.

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